Legal Services- Traffic Tickets Toronto and GTA region

Formula Traffic Tickets offers licenced paralegal services in Toronto and the GTA regions for all traffic offences which fall under the Highway Traffic Act and Compulsory Automobile Insurance Act.  In addition, we also deal with various Criminal Code charges including Impaired Driving/Over 80, theft, and assault offences. In many instances Formula Traffic Tickets can handle your charge without the need for you to attend court saving you time and money. 

For many years, Formula Traffic Tickets has been providing expert legal assistance to the public. We specialize in dealing with various types of traffic related offences (ex. Speeding, Red Light, Stop Signs) as well as certain Criminal charges such as Impaired/Over 80 and place great value on quality of service to our clients.


Offered Client Services

  • File your ticket with the court to request a trial date. Most Toronto and GTA courts are experiencing wait times over two hours

  • Request the disclosure (officer notes) prior to your trial date
  • Licenced Paralegal representation at trial (you are only required to attend court if trial is required)
  • Filing all necessary court documents pertaining to Charter motions (ex. unreasonable delay), witness summons, etc.
  • Reopening or Appeal of conviction 







 Formula Traffic Tickets

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