Radar Trap Locator- Defend Traffic Tickets in Toronto and GTA

Formula Traffic Tickets offers this page as a service to the public for the notification of  prominent & active police radar traps within Toronto and the GTA region.  This page will be updated regularly so check our site often for the most up-to-date info. Also, if you discover a radar trap in your daily commute that should be featured here, please feel free to contact us with the details and we will post it also.


While we are in business to fight your traffic tickets for the best possible results we also strive to help our clients avoid being charged in the future whenever possible. Please let us know if this has been helpful to you or anyone you know.



  1. S/B Bathurst St. / Heathdale Rd.- north of St. Clair Ave. on west side Bathurst St.- trap set up right after you go over the bridge in a hidden area.

  2. E/B Steeles Ave. W. / Carnival Crt.- just west of New Westminster St. on south side of Steeles Ave. W.

  3. W/B Steeles Ave. E. / Canadiana Dr.- just east of Lauraleaf Rd. on north side of Steeles Ave. E.

  4. S/B Avenue Rd. / Willowbank Blvd.- just north of Eglinton Ave. W. on west side of Avenue Rd.

  5. S/B Avenue Rd. / Caribou Rd.- just south of Lawrence Ave. W. on west side of Avenue. Rd. in TTC turn-around circle.

  6. W/B Steeles Ave. E. / Bestview Dr.- on the north side of Steeles Ave. E. and east side of Bestview Dr.

  7. N/B Bathurst St. / Ridgewood Rd. - Just north of the bridge and targeting drivers as they are crossing it, where northbound traffic on Bathurst finally starts moving again after St. Clair Ave. - trap is one or two officers standing on the west side of Bathurst, at the corner of Ridgewood or just a little north of it.



  1. W/B Clark Ave. / Charles St.- just east of Hilda on north side of Clark Ave.

  2. E/B Clark Ave. / Joanna Cres.- just west of Yonge St.

  3. N/B & S/B New Westminster Ave. / Clark Ave.- just north of Clark Ave. at Catholic H.S.
  4. S/B Keele St./Rivermede Rd.- just south of Rivermede Rd. on west  side of Keele St. in business unit driveway



  1. W/B 16th Ave. / Hwy 404- located one street east of Hwy 404 on north side of 16th Ave. across the street from Buttonville Airport.




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